Our mission

We're on a mission to empower and embolden women to look and feel their BEST by providing access to the very best shapewear in the market.

Get to know us

We are a mother and daughter duo, Kathy and Katia, who love fashion and beauty and it's with that love and passion that we decided to open FANCY FAJAS!

Why shapewear you might ask?

The answer is because we all have those moments in life when we're either working on ourselves with diet and exercise and then we have those times when we're NOT!!

What we discovered is that it's on those days when we're not feeling at our BEST that we needed a little extra help in boosting our confidences, in making us feel empowered, making us feel like the beautiful women we know are!

two women smiling and posing for a picture
two women smiling and posing for a picture

Beauty products like make-up help, but they didn't really help us when we looked at ourselves in the mirror in that dress we've been dying to wear or in those jeans that fit us like a glove, but that today... they just don't feel right.

Let me tell you about our "AHA" moment!

One day, I called my mom and I was telling her about how I put on this dress that I was dying to wear and for some reason or the other, on that morning, it didn't look and feel as it had in the store on that day when I decided to purchase it. So what did I do? I put on my faja and vualá! I instantly felt better, sexier! Now I was ready to face the day.

Lo and behold, my mother giggled and she went on to tell me how she too had had a similar experience that morning, not so much with a dress, but with an everyday outfit she was wearing.

What was her solution? She reached for her faja, just as I had!

That's when it clicked for both of us, that we wanted to help woman feel and look their best on an everyday basis and so we opened this store for YOU!

The BRANDS we've chosen to carry...

We have made quality our top choice when opting which Colombian Fajas we were going to sell. To us, it’s not something that we just strive to provide – it's the principle we live by every day.

Whilst there are a lot of good brands available nowadays, in our market research and in talking to the manufacturers, we opted to bring to you the two top brands that we felt delivered the highest quality materials and affordability: Fajas Tee and Ann Michell

classic lace up girdle - logo for Fajas Tee
classic lace up girdle - logo for Fajas Tee